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Five Wisdom Tips On Cultivating A Healthy Marriage

1. Invest time and energy into your marriage.

Schedule frequent date nights. Put your date night on the calendar. If it’s not on the calendar, it probably won’t happen. Make connecting a priority! You need conversation and quality time to share and dream together. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun. Think of creative ways to spend time doing something fun. Go on a walk, walk the beach, or go to an escape room. Also, schedule a fun day for the family. You want your children to feel love and to know they are important and that life in ministry can be fun too.

2. Have a regular body and soul check-up.

Full-time ministry, marriage, and family can wear down our emotional and spiritual tanks. The word says to stay alert and be ready. We must stay infused with God’s fire, which takes intentionality. Get a tune-up and a course refresher for your marriage and ensure that as you pour out that you have a leader/Pastor 5-fold leader pouring back into you.

3. Guard your heart.

I probably don’t have to tell you that people will place their unmet expectations on you. You didn’t love me, call me, ask me, invite me, say hi to me. Trying to keep up with what others expect can cause you to do things God hasn’t called you to do. Jealousy, gossip – yes, even in ministry – can trip you up. Don’t give these words and wounds a place in your heart. Protect and keep the soil offense free. The Word says everything we do flows out of our hearts. Don’t allow bitterness or unresolved issues to have a place to grow. The enemy’s job is to cause division between you and your husband. He wins when we think things can’t be resolved or changed. Bring it under Christ. If you know God has called you to that city, to build that church, to raise an amazing family, don’t let what the enemy has planned to stop it. God can keep everything that is submitted to Him. It’s only His opinion that matters.

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By Dr. Nicckay Natson

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