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Exclusive Interview With Marie Irizarry

Q1. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

A1. My name is Marie Irizarry. I am the oldest of 12 children, I have four adult children and four beautiful grandchildren. I am a Currently employed at the Department of Labor, OSHA.

Q2. What made you want to become a part of the From Pain to Purpose Women of Resilience Book Collaboration?

A2. After attending the 2021 Master Class, I discovered that my life has a purpose and it mattered. I have a story to share about overcoming low-self esteem, being rejected, and becoming a single mother after my marriage ended in divorce after 26 years. Sharing and revealing God is always there even when you can't see him,

Q3. What is the premise of your story?

A3. In the lowest moments of my life, you can rise up and move forward. My story is for someone, it is an instrument that God has used to show forth his power, his mercy and his grace through the storms of life.

In order to get the entire interview you can purchase the magazine.

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