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Dr. Nicckay Natson

Founder, Executive Editor & Chief

Dr. Nicckay Natson is a phenomenal woman of God. A Naomi to some and a Mordechai to others. She is also known as one of God creatives the General of Prayer and Intercession. She is one of Gods watchman. She loves being in the presence of God and interceding for families, marriages and this nation. Intercession is at the heart of this precious woman of God. Intercession was birth out of Dr. Nicckay because of her own personal trials and having to go deeper in her prayer life and in her relationship with the Lord and believing God for a change in her marriage so many years ago. The Lord has called this woman of God to people of influence that will dominate in this earth in the arena of the 7 mountains of this earth. The Lord will break the jaw of the enemy and give us his neck and its all through the posture called prayer. She believes that through the media outlet that we will take our nation back by storm by overthrowing contaminated altars that comes through the media outlets to release destruction, confusion, and chaos into the hearts of the people, Dr. Nicckay is a Kingdom Sniper. She shifts things in the earth through her faith and her prayers. Anybody that sows into, contributes, donates, subscribes or make a purchase your name has been called out before the Lord for increase in every area of your life, Dr. Nicckay utilizes the gift of being a creative to glorify God in the mountain of media  and arts/entertainment through magazine, radio, newspaper and television.

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