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LIFT International Inc is a nonprofit providing mentorship for youth and young adults (12-24 yrs of age) to help teach them their value and worth and to authentically become the person they were created to be unapologetically. We assist in pulling young girls and women out of sex trafficking, domestic violence, suicidal ideation, self-medicating, self-harm, date rape, and sexual assault. We offer therapy and parenting classes for single parenting/ teen age pregnancy, and for those with trauma. Educating about how to come out of poverty, save money, invest and build wealth.  We provide mental health services, adoption counseling, inner healing and deliverance counseling. We also assist those that have been incarcerated with derogatory backgrounds find employment. We want to bring hope and be the light for them in the mist of the darkest times in their lives for restoration and peace to be their portion. We are raising funds to assist girls, teens, young adults and their families with mental health treatments, support programs, workshops, scholarships and soon, housing.

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