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Dorothy O'Dell

Against All Odds

Dorothy Graham O’Dell is a child of God, wife, stepmom, and loving daughter. Dorothy is a bookkeeper by trade with over 24 years of experience. Dorothy just wrote her first book called The Overcomer Facing Challenges with Faith and Courage, which hit the top 100 International Bestsellers list on Amazon on its first day of release. She shares her obstacles of overcoming being bullied in school for her weight, low self-worth issues, growing up with sick parents, the trauma of her uncle’s suicide, and leaving emotionally abusive relationships. To never give up because, in the end, there is true happiness. She hopes that this book will help others overcome their obstacles and know they are not alone in their struggles. Dorothy also does speaking engagements on these topics as well.

Dorothy has also started her show Unstoppable Overcomers, which showcases other people who have overcome their obstacles and help others along the way. She has met some incredible people and build lifelong friendships. Dorothy started the show to give a platform to others so that people would know they are never alone in their circumstances.

The link to purchase the book is.

You can find Dorothy on social media at


Email @

In order to get the entire biography you can purchase the magazine.

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